Top 5 Trending Flowers for Wedding Receptions

No matter the size of your wedding reception, budget, or reception theme, you can achieve the atmosphere of your nuptial dreams with expertly selected wedding reception floral arrangements. While flowers are always fashionable, trends do come and go. At Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, we’ve been absolutely loving the on-trend floral arrangements for wedding receptions. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular choices for Nashville weddings.

Top 5 Wedding Reception Floral Arrangement Trends

1. Garlands

Although they’re lovely at winter weddings, too, garlands are no longer reserved just for celebrating the holiday season. They’re beautiful at wedding receptions during any season. Expertly designed and arranged floral garlands will elevate your wedding reception’s atmosphere. Draped around the front of the head table or elegantly placed around the cake table, a garland features lush greenery, the flowers of your choice, and any embellishments you desire. For added texture, we recommend adding twinkle lights, seashells, gems, ribbons, or other decorative elements.


2. Succulents

Some of the most popular current wedding colors include muted shades like dusty rose, slate blue, and sage green, which makes floral arrangements featuring succulents perfectly on-trend. These desert plants feature an interesting variety of textures and tasteful colors that span the rainbow. Paired with traditional blooms or candlelight in a centerpiece, they hit just the right note for a sophisticated, rustic reception or a contemporary, elegant soiree. Choose a short design for guest table centerpieces and larger arrangements to adorn other tables at your reception.


3. Tropical Texture

Tropical flowers arranged with large, ornate foliage create high-impact bouquets and centerpieces that are sure to impress your guests. These arrangements can be kept elegant, featuring shades of white and off-white or create a more glamorous ambiance with brightly colored blooms. With the wide variety of shapes, textures, and colors found in tropical plants, the options for tropical wedding flowers are endless, ensuring your wedding reception is the only one of its kind.

Tropical Arrangement

4. Lanterns

The right lighting can make or break the atmosphere of your wedding reception. If you want an intimate, romantic setting, it’s important to use soft light. Having the right lighting at your wedding reception is almost as important as choosing the perfect floral arrangements. Luckily, you can take care of both flowers and romantic lighting at the same time. Adorn your guests’ tables with floral centerpieces featuring candlelit lanterns. Depending on the style of lantern you select, these arrangements will look beautiful at your reception, regardless of style.


5. Show-Stoppers

Couples all over have been opting for high-drama, high-impact floral arrangements. These show-stopping centerpieces typically feature tall, fluted vases, bursting greenery, and showy flowers. You can amp up the glamorous effect by adding artfully-designed, eye-catching embellishments like hanging gemstones or glittery willow branches.

Fluted Flowers

Let Us Help You Turn Your Vision into a Real-Life Wedding Reception

At Rose Hill Flowers, our expert wedding floral designers can help you select the best arrangements for your wedding reception. We’ll discuss your venue, style, vision, and wedding colors to help you design the wedding reception of your dreams and stay within your budget. For more inspirational wedding flower ideas or information on our wedding flower packages, we invite you to contact us today!