Your Guide to Gorgeous Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

If you’re considering using ranunculus flowers in your wedding decor, you’re in good company. This very popular wedding flower has been accenting weddings for centuries and it’s easy to see why. Frilly, tissue-paper-thin petals in soft peaches and blushing pinks, or deeper oranges, bold reds and sunny yellows, bring a certain level of romance to any scene they grace. Here at Rose Hill Weddings, we’re excited to show you the ins and outs of using ranunculus effectively and beautifully at your wedding ceremony and reception.

Why You’ll Love Ranunculus

First of all, these flowers are super versatile. Available all year round, they do not care which season you choose to pronounce your nuptials. They’ll be ready. Their beautiful shades of pink or red, peach or orange, white or yellow, can stand alone or stand out in a bouquet of other hues. In fact, ranunculus are comfortable being center stage, but they also play well with others and fit in nicely with plenty of other blooms. Related to peonies and anemones, ranunculus have symbolized charm and wit for centuries- perfect sentiments to exhibit on the day you commit your lives to one another.

How to Fill Your Wedding Day with Ranunculus

Including ranunculus on your wedding day can mean so much more than just featuring these beauties in your bridal bouquet. Consider adding a few individual blooms to accent your low bun, twist or other sophisticated up-do. Have a ranunculus crown designed for your flower girl to wear as she drops petals down the aisle. With large blooms and accompanied by a wide fern or leaf of greenery, ranunculus make stunning boutonnieres, as well. If you plan to use ranunculus throughout your wedding decor, as well, consider giving a few extra blooms to your photographer to stage in still photos of your cake, wedding program, shoes, and rings.

Where to Place Ranunculus Throughout Your Wedding Day

Add a variety of ranunculus in your wedding colors (or versions of your wedding colors) everywhere you look at your ceremony and reception. Place on and around your wedding cake, and let your centerpieces echo the beauty of your bridal bouquet with similar blooms and greenery, either in vases or as garland down a long, picnic-style table. Set individual stems in small vases along with place cards or table numbers. Hang entire ranunculus garlands on your altar archway or line the wedding aisle with ranunculus garlands. There are so many beautiful areas to include flowers as decor; if you’re choosing ranunculus as your featured flower, why not ensure these are the blooms spotted everywhere on your wedding day?

When you feature ranunculus as your main flower in your wedding, you’ll open up a world of possibilities. From beautiful colors to fresh, gorgeous shapes and sizes, ranunculus will bring a welcomed design to your wedding day that you’ll love. For more great ideas about how to use ranunculus effectively in your wedding, talk to the experts at Rose Hill Weddings. We’re here to make the most of your big day and we can’t wait to hear all about your wedding plans!