Exciting Wedding Trends for 2021

Each year, wedding trends begin to have a definite shape and substance. 2020 was definitely no exception, and 2021 will follow suit, but hopefully with a few improvements as we learn from the past. As we move into a new year full of new possibilities, get ready to see brides everywhere master the concept of the micro-wedding, while destination weddings morph into extended stay weekend bashes. Fashion, food, flowers, and other details become locally sourced, sustainable, and eco-friendly. We’ll also see a vast improvement in virtual weddings, as we become more and more adept at live streaming. Your wedding will always be uniquely yours- the question is how much explaining do you plan to do when you show your children and grandchildren photos and videos of your big day? At Rose Hill Weddings, we want to help you stay as on-trend as you’d like to be this year. Let us offer a few suggestions for keeping your big day up-to-date this year.

Micro Weddings

As we learned how to keep our gatherings smaller and more socially distanced, brides and grooms everywhere have embraced the trend of micro-weddings: small, intimate ceremonies with roughly 25 or fewer guests. The upside of smaller numbers is that there’s usually more budget per person, meaning couples can be more extravagant with these close loved ones. Think of full-scale dinner parties, specialized wine tastings, and personalized favors like favorite candies or floral designs. When the numbers are lower, the creativity amps up for truly unique wedding celebrations.

Say It Now, Enjoy It Later (or Longer)

A lot of couples will be choosing to say vows privately this year, then plan a reception with more people for later when our world opens up a little more. Lavish receptions and celebrations are being postponed, but not the actual nuptials themselves. Conversely, some couples are modifying the destination wedding by creating extended stay weekends to enjoy friends and family for more than just the wedding day itself.

Something Green 

One awesome by-product of a global pandemic is how focused many people have become on local businesses and eco-consciousness. As we swoop into 2021, many couples are choosing to have their weddings in their own backyard, utilizing local vendors for food, drinks, decor, and florals. Supporting your local farms, florists, fisherman, and shops is a great way to give back to your community while reducing your global footprint with your big event. Couples are also opting for more natural, green decor at weddings this year. Get ready to see succulents, ferns, eucalyptus, and cacti, no matter how rustic, formal, magical, or casual the wedding vibe might be.

Signature Food & Drink

A hot trend that couples are loving in 2021 is that of specialty foods. Overpriced catering services are being replaced with specialized food trucks where couples can customize the menu. Signature cocktails, whether the couples’ own favorite drinks or the drinks they know their guests love, are wildly popular now. Consider combining the two and having a mixologist truck bring the open bar to you!

Wedding Table Arrangement

Virtual Weddings

With social distancing becoming a norm, at least for a while longer, 2021 is the year of the videographer. Virtual weddings, live streaming, and even drones will be a standard across the wedding landscape this year so far-away friends and relatives can fully experience the wedding from the safety of their own homes. Be ready to invite loved ones to your virtual event. You can even get creative by asking guests to participate in some small way virtually (like having a glass of champagne ready for the toast!).

While 2020 threw us all for a loop, the fact is, couples are still falling in love and choosing to get married. If we’ve learned anything by enduring a global pandemic, it’s how to be flexible. The wedding industry and engaged couples everywhere know this just as well as anyone. At Rose Hill Weddings, we’re ready to bend and flex with any new idea you have to make your wedding safe, responsible, and most of all, yours. Talk to our wedding professionals about how we can help you create the wedding of your dreams, no matter what’s going on in the world around you.